How to Measure Yourself

Don't be intimidated by the tape measure. 

The key to great fitting clothes is accurate measurements taken with care. We want our clothing to fit you perfectly and have that desirable custom fit! 

When measuring yourself, use a flexible tailor's tape measure marked in inches. Wrap or drape the tape measure to take needed measurements. Sometimes it can be beneficial to have the help of another person while taking certain measurements, so you can stand straight with good posture. When wrapping a tape measure around your body for a measurement like your bust, waist, or hips, pull the tape snug. It should not be lose but it should not be extremely tight. 

Taking a bust measurement

Your bust measurement is taken around the largest part of your chest. Wrap the tape measure around your back and over your chest at the fullest point. Be sure from both the front and the back that your tape measure is parallel to the floor and not slanted. Your tape measure should be snug.

Taking a waist measurement

Your waist is located at the smallest point of your torso. This is where the waistlines of dresses and skirts sit for a flattering fit. Measure around your waist, pulling the tape measure snug, but not tight. 

Taking a hip measurement 

A hip measurement is taken at the largest part of your lower half. For most people, this measurement is not taken at the top of the hip bone, but around the butt. This is the largest part of the lower half of your body. Wrap the measuring tape around your backside at it's largest point and bring the tape around your front. Be sure the tape measure is parallel to the floor and not slanted. Your tape measure should be pulled snug.

Taking a skirt length measurement 

The length of a skirt or the skirt portion of a dress is determined by measuring down from your waistline towards the floor. Hold one end of a tape measure at your waist line and measure down how long you wish your skirt to be, like down to the knee for example. 

What if I don't own a tape measure?

If you don't have a tape measure, use some other length of material like ribbon, rope, or cord. Just be sure your chosen material does not have any sort of give or stretch to it. You can take your measurements by marking your measurements on a ribbon, and then use a ruler, yardstick, or other measuring device to determine the length of your ribbon in inches. 

One last tip

Maybe you prefer your clothes to have a tight fit, or maybe you like them a little loose. That's okay, but do not adjust your body measurements to account for this. The clothing designer will take your measurement and adjust the garment construction according to the fit needs. If you have a strong desire for tighter or looser fit clothing, please note that on your order.